Hollocher Trainee Travel Awards

In recognition of exceptional research trainees in Cancer Biology Translational Research to support professional travel and on-going career development


2020 Awardees

Rebecca Lane
Yang Xiang, PhD
Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
Abstract Title
Identification of host factors regulating SAMD9 function by human genome-wide CRISPR knockout screen


Neelam Mukherjee, PhD
Robert S Svatek, DD
Abstract Title
CCL2/CCR2 signaling protects against bladder cancer growth in a T cell dependent manner


Ann A. Hollocher Trainee Travel Award
in Cancer Biology Translational Research


A generous donor has provided funds in honor of a long-time hill country resident to support the professional travel of meritorious trainees actively engaged in translational research in cancer biology. Applications are solicited annually from UT Health San Antonio students and postdoctoral research fellows.

Ann A. Hollocher Trainee Travel Award Applications (Check back later for 2021 due dates)

(Select Ann A. Hollocher Trainee Travel Award in Cancer Biology Translational Research)

Application components should be prepared as PDF documents for upload. This includes:

  1. Abstract
    1. Research results to be submitted or actual abstract if already submitted; include abstract title and all authors in the order to be used for abstract submission.
  2. Applicant Personal Statement
    1. Describe the benefits to be gained from attending the planned scientific conference and the impact of this conference on achievement of career goals. Include details of tentative plans for professional travel, e.g., scientific meeting, location, dates. (one page)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
    1. To include all sources of current and previous funding.
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from the primary research mentor.
    1. Contact Information (name, title, email) for your Research Mentor who will provide a Letter of Reference (LOR). The online system will automatically generate an email request to your Research Mentor; letter must be submitted by the application due date via a link provided by the online system.
    2. LOR should be on letterhead, signed by the Research Mentor, and submitted electronically.
    3. LOR should address the Ann A. Hollocher Trainee Travel Award Review Committee.
    4. LOR should address, at a minimum, their relationship to the applicant (the position on which they base their knowledge of the applicant) and the applicant’s background and potential for a career as an investigator in the selected specialty field.

The Awards Committee will consider applications and provide recommendations with announcement of awards in March. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) will coordinate with awardee departmental administration to distribute (reimburse) travel-related expenses.


  • The award is up to $1,250.
  • The awarded funds must be used by December 31st.

If questions, contact Laura Moreno (morenolm@uthscsa.edu or 567-0397).



Past Awardees