Conflict of Interest Program

Research Conflict of Interest
HOP 10.1.6

Significant financial interest that could directly or significantly affect the design, conduct, or reporting of research conducted at UT Health SA. Significant financial interests are defined as:

  • > $5,000 equity in a company
  • > $5,000 in remuneration from an outside entity which includes:
    • Salary
    • Consulting fees
    • Honoraria
    • Paid authorship
    • Stock options
    • Travel (paid on your behalf or reimbursement)
    • Gifts
  • Fiduciary Positions (e.g. CEO, CSO, Governing Board Member)
  • All Foreign Research Activities
  • Intellectual property rights

Non-Research Conflict of Interest
HOP 10.1.9

An outside activity or financial interest that could directly or significantly affect the employee’s performance of HSC responsibilities including:

  • External Faculty Appointments
  • Outside Employment  
  • Consulting
  • For-Profit Board Service
  • Industry Sponsored/Reimbursed Travel
  • Equity
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Conflict of Commitment
HOP 10.1.8

When time or effort devoted to an outside activity interferes with an ability to fulfill HSC responsibilities:

  • HSC time used for private gain
  • >30% base salary in external compensation
  • Use of HSC resources for outside activities

When & Where to Report

  • Reported in iDisclose:
  • Existing outside activities & financial interests must be reported within 30 days of employment
  • 30 days before beginning a new outside activity
  • 30 days before sponsored or reimbursed travel by a foreign or for-profit entity
  • 30 days after acquiring a new financial interest
  • Annual Reports of ALL outside activities & financial interests due annually before March 1

Melanie M. Zuñiga Rapp, MPA | Manager, Conflict of Interest & Research Integrity
Office of the Vice President for Research
210.562.6838 |

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