Postdoctoral Research Fellow Offer Letter Instructions


Offer letters for Postdoctoral Research Fellows should be submitted for review and approval by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA).

The offer letter from the Mentor (on institutional letterhead) must contain the following:

  1. The position title of “Postdoctoral Research Fellow”.
  2. The effective start and end date and/or total length of appointment.
    1. Should this be for an international postdoctoral research fellow and sponsorship for a VISA is required, please add, “Start date is effective upon success of your J1 (or other type of visa) visa application.”
  3. The annual rate of compensation. Please note that the current minimum annual salary for a postdoctoral research fellow at UT Health SA is $47,476. However, we recommend that the NIH current Fiscal Year Salary/stipend rate be used based on years of postdoctoral research training. Details of benefits provided must be included.
  4. Standard language to indicate that the offer is contingent upon a clear background check and employment eligibility.
  5. Brief description of the scope of research to be conducted by the postdoctoral research fellow.
  6. Brief description of the mentors’ expectations of the postdoctoral research fellow.

Please see sample template: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Offer Letter

  1. Letter must contain the following signatures in the order below:
    1. Mentor
    2. *Department Chair (should the mentor and chair be the same, then, the signature of the respective schools’ dean is required)
    3. Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
    4. Postdoctoral Research Fellow

*If a faculty member has a primary affiliation with a center or institution, then the signature of the director of said center or institution should be provided.

Once all signatures have been obtained;

e. an electronic copy of the offer letter must be submitted to OPA and to any other appropriate parties.

f. and maintained in the personnel file for the individual.


Offer letters should be submitted to OPA in PDF file format to OPA processing (review and signature) will be completed within 48 hours of receipt, during normal business hours.

If questions, please email us at or call 210.567.0397