Elisa  Fanunza


Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Mentor:  Reuben Harris

Phone:  6124027089


ORCID iD:  0000-0002-2044-8473

Research Mentor's Lab


2011 Bachelor Degree in Biology University of Cagliari, Italy
2013 Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology University of Cagliari, Italy
2019 PhD in Virology University of Cagliari, Italy


I am interested on studying viral evasion of innate immunity. My project is focused on investigating novel strategies adopted by Herpesviruses to escape the APOBEC family of cytosine DNA deaminases.


2019 "Best PhD Thesis" supported by Con.Scienze, Conferenza Nazionale dei Presidenti e dei Direttori delle Strutture Universitarie di Scienze e Tecnologie, Italy
2019 "Best PhD Thesis in Biomedicine" supported by ADI, Italian Association PhD student

Professional Memberships

2020-present American Society of Virology
2016-present Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnologies


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