Postdoctoral Fellow

Sevan  Alwan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Mentor:  Dr. Philip T. LoVerde

Phone:  210 388-9644



2017 Ph.D. Medical Microbiology Al-Nahrain University


I am working in Dr. Philip LoVerde’s laboratory to develop novel drugs to treat schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis is a neglected tropical disease that affects over 250 million people in 78 countries. As a postdoctoral fellow, I am focused on re-engineering an anti-schistosomal drug to make it effective against all 3 major human species of Schistosoma. I am also interested in identifying novel drug and vaccine targets to treat this devastating disease”. 


2018 The Best Dissertation in Medical Science Award, Al- Nahrain University
2019- present UT-Health San Antonio SABER (IRACDA) Scholar (NIH K12), Postdoctoral Fellow

Professional Memberships

2012-Present American Society of Microbiology
2018-Present UT Health San Antonio Postdoctoral Association (UP)


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