Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

2020 Winners: 8th Annual San Antonio Postdoctoral Research Forum

Keynote Speaker
Jamboor Vishwanatha, PhD
Vice President & Regents Professor, Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics
Center for Diversity & International Programs
Director of the Texas Center for Health Disparities
University of North Texas Health Science Center
"Importance of Mentorship and Networking in Developing the Biomedical Research Workforce"

UT Health San Antonio


Yilun Deng, PhD

Mentor: Tyler Curiel, MD

Department: Medicine – Heme/Onc

1st place: Cd122-Selective Il-2 Complexes Treat Ovarian Carcinomas, Induce Treg Fragility And Promote T Cell Stem Cells


Sakie Katsumura, PhD

Mentor: Masahiro Morita, PhD

Department: Molecular Medicine

2nd place: A Groundbreaking Deadenylase Inhibitor Improves Metabolic Syndrome Through Enhancing Energy Expenditure


Anna Woloszyk, PhD

Mentor: Vaida Glatt, PhD

Department: Orthopaedics

3rd place: Biological Differences At The Early Stage Of Bone Healing Between Fractures And Large Bone Defects


University of Texas at San Antonio


Martin Gallegos, PhD

Mentor: James H. Bray, PhD

Department: Psychology

1st place: Intergenerational Intimacy And Individuation, Covid-19 Stresses And Relationships, Substance Use, Happiness, And Life Satisfaction


Nicolas Muzzio, PhD

Mentor: Gabriela Romero Uribe, PhD

Department: Biomedical Engineering & Chemical Engineering

2nd place: Nvestigation On The Molecular And Biomechanical Interactions Of Pentagalloyl Glucose On Mouse C2c12 Myoblast Cells


Brian Brigham, PhD

Mentor: Elizabeth S. Sooby, PhD

Department: Physics and Astronomy

3rd place: Investigation Of Oxidation Rates And Volatile Byproducts Of Graphite Matrix Material Under Accident Conditions For 4th Generation Nuclear Reactors


United States Army Institute of Surgical Research


Preeti Muire, PhD

Mentor: Joseph C Wenke, PhD

Department: Orthopaedic Trauma Research Department 

1st place: Hmgb-1: A Mediator Of Spatial T Lymphocyte Depletion And Delayed Fracture Healing In A Polytrauma Rat Model


Marc Thompson, PhD

Mentor: Robert J. Christy, PhD

Department: Burn and Soft Tissue Research Division

2nd place: Antibiotic Loading And Release In Acid-Precipitated Keratin Proteins To Treat Topical Burn  nfections


Mia Mae Kiamco, PhD

Mentor: Kai P. Leung, PhD

Department: Dental and Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Research Department

3rd place: Combination Of Mafenide Acetate And Polyhexanide Through Co-Axial Electrospinning As A Drug Delivery Platform For Combating Multi-Specie Infections


Texas Biomedical Research Institute


Jesus Silvas, PhD

Mentor: Luis Martinez-Sobrido, PhD

Department: Disease Intervention

1st place: Modulation Of Membrane Dynamics For Viral Replication By Ebola Virus Nucleoprotein


Xue Li, PhD

Mentor: Timothy J.C. Anderson, PhD

Department: Genetics

2nd place: Bulk Segregant Approaches To Nutritional Genomics In Plasmodium Falciparum


Chengjin Ye, PhD

Mentor: Luis Martinez-Sobrido, PhD

Department: Disease Intervention

3rd place: Rescue Of Sars-Cov-2 From A Single Bacterial Artificial Chromosome


Naval Medical Research Unit – San Antonio


Steven Moffett, PhD

Mentor: Yoon Hwang, PhD

Department: Injury and Disease Department

1st place: Modulation Of Membrane Dynamics For Viral Replication By Ebola Virus Nucleoprotein


Holly May, PhD

Mentor: Yoon Hwang, PhD

Department: Injury and Disease Department

2nd place: Improving Envenomation Outcomes By Inhibiting Systemic Distribution Factors


Kristin Jones, PhD
Mentor: Luis Martinez and Cortes Williams

Department: Craniofacial Health and Restorative Medicine

3rd place: Physical, Chemical, And Biological Comparison Of Clinically Available Products For Their Use In Alveolar Ridge Preservation

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