Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Bojana Stefanovska

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Professional Background


    • 2019 - Ph.D. in Cancer Biology - University of Paris Saclay, France
    • 2015 - M.Sc. in Molecular Biology - University of Padova, Italy
    • 2013 - B.Sc. in Molecular Biology - University of Padova, Italy


    • 2021 - Mentored Investigator Grant Program, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance
    • 2021 - Philippe Foundation Award

    Professional Memberships

    • 2018 - American Association for Cancer Research
  • Publications

    1. Mangelinck A, Habel N, Mohr A, Gaspar N, Stefanovska B, Fromigué O. “Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effect of Simvastatin Combined to Chemotherapy in Osteosarcoma.” Cancers, November, 2021.

    2. McCann JL, Cristini A, Law EK, Lee SY, Tellier M, Carpenter MA, Beghè C, Kim JJ, Jarvis MC, Stefanovska B, Temiz NA, Bergstrom EN, Salamango DJ, Brown MR, Murphy S, Alexandrov LB, Miller KM, Gromak N, Harris RS. “R-loop homeostasis and cancer mutagenesis promoted by the DNA cytosine deaminase APOBEC3B.” bioRxiv, August, 2021. 

    3. Stefanovska B, André F, Fromigué O. “Tribbles Pseudokinase 3 Regulation and Contribution to Cancer.” Cancers, April, 2021.

    4. Stefanovska B*, Vicier CE*, Dayris T, Ogryzko V, Scott V, Bouakka I, Delaloge S, Rocca A, Le Saux O, Trédan O, Bachelot T, André F, Fromigué O. “Rapalog-Mediated Repression of Tribbles Pseudokinase 3 Regulates Pre-MRNA Splicing.” Cancer Research, April, 2020.

    5. Verret B, Sourisseau T, Stefanovska B, Mosele F, Tran-Dien A, André F. “The Influence of Cancer Molecular Subtypes and Treatment on the Mutation Spectrum in Metastatic Breast Cancers.” Cancer Research, April, 2020.

    6. Mosele F, Stefanovska B, Lusque A, Tran Dien A, Garberis I, Droin N, Le Tourneau C, Sablin MP, Lacroix L, Enrico D, Miran I, Jovelet C, Bièche I, Soria JC, Bertucci F, Bonnefoi H, Campone M, Dalenc F, Bachelot T, Jacquet A, Jimenez M, André F. “Outcome and Molecular Landscape of Patients with PIK3CA-Mutated Metastatic Breast Cancer.” Annals of Oncology, March,  2020.

    7. Mangelinck A, da Costa MEM, Stefanovska B, Bawa O, Polrot M, Gaspar N, Fromigué O. “MT2A Is an Early Predictive Biomarker of Response to Chemotherapy and a Potential Therapeutic Target in Osteosarcoma.” Scientific Reports, August, 2019.

    8. Habel N, Stefanovska B, Carène D, Patiño-Garcia A, Lecanda F, Fromigué O. “CYR61 Triggers Osteosarcoma Metastatic Spreading via an IGF1Rβ-Dependent EMT-like Process.” BMC Cancer, January, 2019.