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UT Health San Antonio Postdoctoral Association (UP)

UT Health San Antonio Postdoctoral Association (UP) is a volunteer organization dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of all UT Health San Antonio postdocs. Our vision is to foster success among postdoctoral scholars today that will enhance their professional endeavors tomorrow. Our mission is to enhance, support and promote postdoctoral training at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and help to prepare postdoctoral scholars for successful careers. UP serves postdoctoral scholars in all disciplines, schools, and colleges across the University. Our hope is to foster a sense of community, provide resources for career and personal development, and provide a framework for representation on campus and in the local community for postdoctoral scholars from all departments of the University.

We are here …

  • To build effective career management skills and develop the professional skills postdoctoral scholars need both in and outside of lab
  • To organize events and seminars that enriches the scientific experience of postdocs and encourages social interaction with the community.
  • To collaborate with other university organizations and services to address concerns that are unique to the postdoctoral scholar population
  • To advocate for postdoctoral scholars at UT Health San Antonio and educate them regarding university policy and postdoctoral rights



2020-2021 UP Officers

Contact UP via email: UP@uthscsa.edu


UP President 
Dr. Anna Woloszyk was raised in Berlin, Germany and is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Orthopaedics. Currently, she is working on new regenerative therapies for the treatment of large segmental bone defects.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding UP or your life as a Postdoc at UT Health San Antonio, feel free to contact her at woloszyk@uthscsa.edu.

UP Finance Officer
Dr. Sevan Alwan was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. As an IRACDA-SABER Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Health San Antonio, she is working on developing novel drugs to treat schistosomiasis; a neglected tropical disease that affects over 250 million people in 78 countries.

As UP’s Finance Officer, her current role is organizing financial documents and maintaining the association records in coordination with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. She also works with the other UP Officers to create opportunities for Postdocs to network and socialize and can be contacted at alwan@uthscsa.edu.

UP International Affairs Officer
Dr. Nawab Dar was born and raised in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. He is currently studying the role of ferroptosis in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progression. As UP’s International Affairs Officer he is helping to improve the integration of international scholars by creating an open communication channel with the Office of International Services (OIS) at UT Health. Please contact Dr. Dar if you have questions related to academic policies, cultural diversities, and information on governmental regulations at darn@uthscsa.edu.

UP Networking Officer
Dr. Rodrigo Moreno-Campos is from Mexico City and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the GCCRI where he uses a zebrafish cancer model to study children sarcoma. He is interested in understanding the mechanisms of tumor metastasis and their inhibition at the molecular level. As UP’s Networking Officer, his goal is to help Postdocs interact with other Postdocs and various entities within and outside of UTHSCSA in order to facilitate and promote the development of professional networks. You can contact him at morenocampos@uthscsa.edu.



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